Death of a Business Section

There has been much speculation on whether the L.A. Times will continue to publish a business section, and as a former business reporter, that makes me downright sad.
Traditionally, business sections have always been treated like chopped liver. Editors and reporters alike perceive the business section as a luxury and not a necessity, and therein lies the rub. Does it occur to any publishing company that we are in the midst of one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression, and business news should be coveted, not discarded like a leftover spicy tuna hand roll from two nights ago?
OK, I get it that newspapers are ailing and newsprint is going out of style faster than a fanny pack on Richard Simons, but cutting the entire business section is absolutely absurd when you consider it is one of the only sections in a newspaper that can help us make sense of the mess we are in.


Evan Pondel,