(Nasdaq: QNET)

On November 27, 2007,  the Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. launched
a new stock market index (Nasdaq: QNET) that tracks Internet-only companies in a broad range of industries, including retail commerce, Web hosting, search engines, Web site design, and access providers, among others.  Companies included in the index are, according to Nasdaq, “at the forefront of Internet technology.”
Aha.  That must explain why bloggers are asking why the likes of News Corp. and Microsoft are missing from the list, although both companies operate highly visible web properties (myspace.com and MSN/Live).  My mission for the rest of the day is to find out what parameters Nasdaq is using to classify companies as Internet-related and what metrics an Internet-related company must possess before Nasdaq considers it for inclusion in the Index.  


PondelWilkinson, investor@pondel.com

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