Tacos and Beer

I don’t drink that much beer, but I do enjoy an occasional light brew when tacos are present. It’s a very nice complement, kind of like mondel bread and coffee.
The media is shedding light on a different kind of complement these days. I am referring to blogs and PR. The Wall Street Journal recently devoted more than 20 inches of copy to a beer blog that Miller Brewing Co. recently launched.
The blog is written by a former Advertising Age staffer who channels his sudsy muse into an analysis of the beer industry. Of course, I suspect the blog doesn’t break news about the very brewer that pays for its existence. But to Miller’s credit, the company is completely transparent about its relationship with the blog.
As more companies attempt to ride the wave of blah-blah-blogging (ours included), I find Miller’s approach refreshing and full bodied. They are taking the foam out of foam. They are tapping the proverbial keg and making themselves look smart, as opposed to drunk and stupid.
So, here’s to Miller Brewing Co. for drumming up a savvy PR program. The question is whether a similar program could be applied to a publicly-traded company.
My advice is to proceed with caution. Don’t get me wrong, I think blogs can be valuable for public companies. However, public companies must not forget that they are blogging on behalf of shareholders, too.


Evan Pondel, Senior Associate, epondel@pondel.com

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