Buy-Side Chatter

Thomson Reuters recently issued a perception study on the current sentiment on Wall Street. They spoke to more than 70 buy-side investors across the globe (50 in the U.S., 21 in Europe and three in Asia) and probed for their outlook on the current markets.  Not terribly surprising, key highlights include:

  • In order for the market to stop its slide, credit markets need to stabilize, and confidence needs to be restored.
  • Investors are keenly focused on credit spreads, liquidity, government rescue plans, and the stability of banks.
  • Half of investors say they are not changing asset allocations at this time, but the other half admit holding more cash than usual, shifting more into defensive stocks (e.g., healthcare; some are eyeing technology and industrials; many are reducing their exposure to financials and consumer discretionary stocks), and favoring emerging markets overseas.



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