Decoding Where You Sit

If you sit in the same seat at your regular company staff meetings, you may be interested to know what this says about you and your status.  Researchers have found that people fit into one of seven personality types based on where they sit.  At meetings, typically the boss sits at the head of a rectangular table (often facing the door to see who’s coming before anyone else).  The person sitting to the boss’s right tends to say “yes” to most of the leader’s suggestions.  The person to the left of the boss tends to signal support of the leader, though may slip in an opposing view.  Sitting opposite the leader is usually someone who is argumentative and sitting in the middle is the mediator.  The remaining two personality types include the person sitting at the corner of the table, which may indicate he is trying to hide in the crowd and the person sitting on the side (away from the table) may signal she is taking a “bigger picture” perspective (or just late to the meeting).
Where do you sit?



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