Walk the Walk if You’re Going to Talk the Talk

Maybe I’m just naïve … and maybe I don’t understand corporate travel policies that well … but news this week that the heads of the Big Three auto makers flew private jets to Capitol Hill while asking for $25 billion in tax payer money to keep them liquid, seems a little out of whack to me. Certainly, if analysts are correct in assuming that each of the roundtrip flights by private jet cost about $20,000, there had to be a less expensive way to travel the 524 miles from Michigan to Washington, right?
I’m all for helping out the next guy, and genuinely believe we need to do what we can to help our severely ailing economy, but leadership comes from the top and by way of example.  If you ask me, Chrysler, Ford and GM need to do a little soul searching.


— Laurie Berman, Senior Vice President, lberman@pondel.com

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