Recessionary Cocktails

Honestly, we’re not big drinkers at PondelWilkinson, but who can resist a good cocktail recipe to take the edge off the recession? The following are suggestions from The New Yorker.
Long Island Iced 401(k) – Put hopes in shaker. Add dreams. Shake until dashed, then drink all the vodka, gin, tequila, and rum left in liquor cabinet.
Broke & Tan – Fall asleep in yard on weekday, wake up sunburned and so dehydrated that anything tastes good.
Nasdaiquiri – Add a dozen I.P.O.’s to portfolio, wait until bubble bursts, drink all day every day.
Blackberry Sling – Discover that your BlackBerry doesn’t work because you haven’t paid the bill. Sling it against the wall, then buy a prepaid phone and make some rum in your toilet.
Please feel free to submit other suggestions and they will magically appear on this blog. Cheers.


Evan Pondel,

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