Heard in the Corridor

I recently spent a couple of days at a gathering that was attended by investor relations executives from some of America’s most loved and largest companies who listened intently to, and had the opportunity to converse with, former SEC chairmen, noted economists, authors of best-selling business books, the head of a large investment bank and astute peers.

Since the meeting was not open to the media and the executives paid big bucks to attend, I will not quote anyone directly or provide the color to which only paid attendees should be privy.  Nevertheless, here is a link to advice on legal harm and a few solid nuggets of advice and opinion that came forth—pragmatic, to save one from legal harm;  worrisome to keep us up at night when we are starting to sleep a little better; and, alas, some feel-good opinion.

Roger Pondel, rpondel@pondel.com

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