Stay-cation Trumps Vacation

Plane ticket?  Check.  Sunblock?  Check.  Huge floppy sunhat and beach ball?  Check and check.  Money?  Check … or was that credit?
Going on vacation is on everyone’s minds these days as summer unfolds.  But with cash flow woes weighing on our savings accounts and credit scores, how about planning a “stay-cation” instead?  Part of enduring a recession is to accept that our plan for a great summer getaway dwindles as we delve into a bleak financial underworld.  However, with new situations come new and recycled ideas and experiments … a renaissance, so to speak.
By staying local, people can support their communities and businesses without breaking the bank.  Organize an itinerary of sightseeing activities that draws tourism to your area.  Rediscover museums, parks, and local eateries all the while reestablishing your connection to home.



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