Business Noose

The next obit many legacy media companies may be writing is on the death of business sections.  When times get tough, second-tier publications often relegate business sections to the back of the sports or metro pages, and then, without nary a whimper, the business section is kaput, KO’d, a grizzled piece of charred meat that you were thinking about eating because you were still hungry but couldn’t stomach the idea of putting in your mouth.
So where do you go to satisfy your hankering for business news?  Fox Business?  CNBC?  The Wall Street Journal?  Maybe you lost your appetite or never had one for business news.  Maybe the financial collapse is inducing your gag reflex and business news is on par with your fondness for acid reflux.  Reflex, reflux, whatever it is about business news, it is time for some reinvention.  It is time for a new way to portray business news that engages, debunks, and denudes the financial mavericks that got us into this mess in the first place.
Below is a brief list of media outlets that offer a fresh take on business news. Some will entice. Some will repel. But at least they are attempting to resuscitate an important subject that is too critical to lose to gimpy newsprint. – Each day, Footnoted looks under the hood of companies’ SEC filings and tries to make sense of what they are saying.
Planet Money – NPR’s take on the global economy.
SEC Data Guy – Stats and analysis of EDGAR and IDEA data.
10Q Detective – Former analyst waxes on quarterly results, SEC filings and the like.
Market Folly – A blog primarily focused on hedge fund portfolio tracking.


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