The Importance of Homework

As management teams continue to focus on reducing expenses amid recessionary woes, it is important for companies to weigh the benefits of attending investor conferences.
When executives factor in time, travel expenses and networking opportunities, it is easy to understand the myriad variables that should be considered before committing to a conference.
Among the most important variables is the quality of investor meetings that the host, usually an investment bank, has scheduled for a presenting company.
We’ve recently heard stories about consultants who have managed to wiggle their way into one-on-one meetings and ultimately usurp an investor’s time slot. Unless a management team knows in advance they will be meeting with a consultant, the time is probably better spent meeting with the right investors.
Bottom line:  Review the one-on-one meeting schedule before attending a conference and make sure the time and money spent to attend the conference is time and money well spent.


Evan Pondel,

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