A Good App is Hard to Find

After a few months with my new smartphone, I’ve come to the conclusion that these phones are much smarter than I … or is it me? Let me see if there’s an App for that.
There probably is, but I focused on personal finance Apps the second I picked up the phone because money takes priority over grammar.  I focused on the Android market because, well, I have an Android phone.  You iPhone fans will have to check back later to see if a colleague will blog about your tool.
I wasn’t interested in downloading every single financial App. Fortunately, a writer at AppConsumer.com already did the work for me, highlighting the five best Android Apps for personal finance.
My personal favorite in the Big 5? Goggle Finance. User friendly, easy to read, smooth interface and streamed stock quotes that automatically refresh.  Now I can watch my personal stocks tank from anywhere in the world in real-time.


Ron Neal, rneal@pondel.com

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