To beef or not to beef. That is the question.

A lawsuit filed last week in California asked Taco Bell, “Where’s the beef,” and alleges the fast-food giant is filling its shells with a mix that was less than 35% beef.
Instead of sicking the “Yo Quiero” dog on the bogus beef accusers, Taco Bell is sicking its lawyers on the firm and promising a counter-suit. The company added some hot sauce to the debate with a national ad in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today that sarcastically quips, “Thank you for suing us …Here’s the truth about our seasoned beef.”
Taco Bell’s president Greg Creed also cut a video, stating that the claims are absolutely false and that their beef is 88% USDA-quality beef and 12% secret recipe. Creed also gives away what’s in the 12% secret, so if you’re dying to simulate the Taco Bell experience at home, now you can.
Thumbs-up to Taco Bell for its swift response managing a potential public relations nightmare.   Using a combination of traditional and social media like Twitter and YouTube helped Taco Bell tell its story across multiple platforms and customer segments.  Now, can you bring back the Frito Burrito, please?


Ron Neal,

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