Adding value for clients when content is king

Glancing at any traditional outlet online will show stories covered across multiple platforms using video, audio and yes, good old fashioned text.  While agencies are optimizing press releases to accommodate the new media landscape, knowing how to leverage video properly can be a challenge.
Simple is better.   A short flip video of a client providing unbiased expert commentary can be leveraged with a local newspaper or business outlet.  Offering advanced or exclusive access to the content can go a long way in securing coverage.  Knowledge of proper video handling is also important, although most video captured and shared is not created by professionals.
It’s OK if it doesn’t get picked up.  Video can be shared across an organization’s own social media including Facebook and YouTube, which can be found by a simple search using Google or Yahoo.  Local or corporate events also can be leveraged.  The content builds credibility and helps foster engagement with key target audiences.
More media are using video in their daily coverage.  However, beware that not all content is good.  Make sure the video adds value not only to media but to current and prospective audiences as well.


George Medici,

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