How to Make Sense of Reg FD

Reg FD (Regulation Fair Disclosure) was enacted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to ensure that all investors have equal and fair access to material information about publicly traded companies.

The SEC’s endorsement of social media as viable disclosure channels has created both opportunities and challenges for legal departments and communications professionals trying to navigate this new regulatory landscape.

Studies show that posting on social media can improve the liquidity of smaller, lesser-known companies. But there is also plenty of uncertainty about whether engaging in social media is actually beneficial for a company’s valuation. An innocent post on a personal Facebook page about a publicly traded employer can have serious implications, as noted in one of our blogs titled, “Ignorance is No Excuse: The Importance of Reg FD Training.”

PondelWilkinson is sanctioned by the California Bar Association to provide Reg FD training to public and pre-public companies, as well as law firms for continuing education credits. Conducted in-person or virtually, our investor relations experts guide attendees through a comprehensive, interactive session focused on the legal requirements and consequences of non-compliance, while providing a review of company policies and reporting procedures related to financial disclosure.

Participants receive official credits and a certificate upon completion of the course. Plus, they come away with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and obligations under the regulation, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

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