Celebrating Achievement with Grace

CNBC.com, on February 17, published a growth story about the best performing stock in the past 30 years. It wasn’t Apple, Tesla, Google or any of those mega tech companies that might at first come to mind.

The best performing stock for the past three decades, according to CNBC and others, happens to be one of our longtime client companies that we proudly have represented for all those years.

Those who know us recognize that we, as with this client, are humble, hard-working, and not into self-promotion or bragging. After all, we haven’t even written the company’s name in this blog yet.

Nevertheless, in a world where accomplishments are celebrated and recognition is sought after, the concept of bragging rights sometimes is warranted. In this case, it’s more about our client and acknowledging achievement … a nod to success without crossing the line into boastful hyperbole.

Over the years, we adapted to our client’s ascent, strategically advising the company as it grew from a microcap issuer with a U.S. retail investor base, to a global, large-cap giant, attracting prestigious institutions and many sell-side analysts. Tactically today, we are still issuing their press releases, hosting investor days, serving as point-of-contact for the investment community and news media, and advising on messaging for M&A and a host of sensitive, sometimes complex corporate matters.

Admittedly, we are bragging that our organization has been part of some of our client’s success on Wall Street. But we are boasting with the intention of embracing this opportunity to uplift and inspire. The well-deserved success our client has achieved reflects talented leadership and unwavering dedication to innovation and quality, while always keeping egos in check and having a sense of gratitude.

We are proud to embrace bragging rights like a badge of honor—not as a tool for self-aggrandizement, but as a symbol of hard-earned success, as we congratulate Monster Beverage Corp., along with our colleagues behind the scenes at PondelWilkinson. 

Roger Pondel, rpondel@pondel.com

Judy Lin, jlin@pondel.com