Recessionary Cocktails

Honestly, we’re not big drinkers at PondelWilkinson, but who can resist a good cocktail recipe to take the edge off the recession? The following are suggestions from The New Yorker.
Long Island Iced 401(k) – Put hopes in shaker. Add dreams. Shake until dashed, then drink all the vodka, gin, tequila, and rum left in liquor cabinet.
Broke & Tan – Fall asleep in yard on weekday, wake up sunburned and so dehydrated that anything tastes good.
Nasdaiquiri – Add a dozen I.P.O.’s to portfolio, wait until bubble bursts, drink all day every day.
Blackberry Sling – Discover that your BlackBerry doesn’t work because you haven’t paid the bill. Sling it against the wall, then buy a prepaid phone and make some rum in your toilet.
Please feel free to submit other suggestions and they will magically appear on this blog. Cheers.


Evan Pondel,

the great mIgRation

IR folks come from all walks of life.  From CPAs to CFAs to MVPs, IROs come in all different shapes and sizes.  It appears the most recent IRO migration derives from the sell side.  Bedraggled by long hours and marketing trips, sell side folks are finding their way to IR like divining rods in search of a water source. With beads of sweat building up on their brow, they seek solace in the halcyon world of IR.
The question is whether they are merely seeking a mirage or a practical career change.  Quite frankly, I don’t know.  But what I do know is that the more diversified an IR agency’s skill set, the better off the agency is in facilitating clients’ needs.
To encourage diversification in our field, the following is a top ten list of occupations that I believe serve as the most appropriate preludes prior to joining an IR firm or serving as an internal IRO.

10. Psychic

9.  Linebacker

8.  Buoy

7. Anchor

6. Quantum Theorist

5.  Existentialist

4.  Lion Tamer

3.  Anesthesiologist

2.  Masseuse

1.  The little stuffed rabbit that dogs chase at the track


Evan Pondel, Vice President,