Annual Reports Go Multi-Media

Well, it’s not exactly breaking news, but I recently came upon an interactive annual report/annual review that is worth sharing.

In a recent interview with IR Magazine, Stanley Black & Decker’s director of investor relations, Kate White, says that she “wanted investors to see the 10K brought to life, to see the numbers and the charts and the graphs, and to see the people who really drive it all.  That’s what investors want time after time – to hear from the people who run the business day to day.”

The result is an informative, easy-to-watch and navigate review of 2009.  Although the review did not fully replace Stanley Black & Decker’s more formal, glossy annual report, it is a great reminder that during a time when it is increasingly difficult to gain mindshare from investors, it is never a bad idea to think outside the box and bring life to your company’s story.

If you’ve seen any other great examples of creativity in the field of investor relations, comment here and let us know.

Laurie Berman,


A big, hearty congratulations to all the winners of IR Magazine’s 2009 U.S. investor relations awards.  The awards are based on commentary received from more than 3,500 buy-side and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers.

Winners for best overall investor relations programs include Wells Fargo (mega cap), Texas Instruments (large cap), Humana (mid cap) and First Horizon National Corporation (small cap).
Laurie Berman,