Grounded Accommodations

If your travels (business or otherwise) happen to take you to Stockholm in the near future, consider this new and interesting place to stay.  It’s very convenient to the airport.  In fact, it’s in the airport…in an old Boeing 747.


Jumbo Hostel accommodations can even be found in the cockpit. Or have lunch in the body in a retro cafe!

Swedish businessman and entrepreneur Oscar Dios is converting a grounded 747 into a 25-room hotel called Jumbo Hostel, according to CNN.  The plane, which used to carry more than 350 passengers, is being renovated to provide accommodations for up to 85 guests. Jumbo Hostel is scheduled to open in December 2008.
A basic room at the hotel will cost approximately $150 per night.  At only 65 square feet it is said to be large enough for three adults (perhaps when the bed is stored in the upright position). For about $700 per night, you can book the top deck which includes the cockpit suite, a private bathroom and panoramic views of the airport’s takeoffs and landings.
Even if you don’t want to spend the night on board you can visit the café suite for a couple of hours for $35 (a bargain considering you can walk out onto the plane’s wing to view the airport from a unique vantage point).  Unfortunately, there’s no business center!


Laurie Berman, Senior Vice President,